Greetings friends! And welcome to Charles’ classic blog. My name is Charles Quazar Banks, and this is the blog in which I shall attempt to wax eloquent on books, history, theology, films and anime etc., which will be published on a monthly basis. I am an aspiring author, Vlogger (yes, capital V, do not ask why)  and theologian, whose main hobbies include reading books, drinking tea, writing things, watching films or shows, and playing video games, most of which I accomplish nocturnally. By this one may ascertain that I am both a bookish intellectual, and an obsessive nerd, which is a state of existence, I must confess, which I enjoy quite considerably. My purpose in maintaining this blog, will always be first to entertain and inform, and secondly to relieve myself of pent up frustration over disappointing realities in my artistic or theological purview, by typing out everything I think is wrong with them. Some of my posts will be supplemental or similar writings to my videos posted on Youtube, in which I review and make commentary on anime and classic literature, which I love. Others will be sermons. Thank you for reading. Bon-appetit!