I’m Watching Akame Ga Kill; Is it a Classic Fantasy, or Just Another Over-hyped Anime?

So, this post in-particular should indeed be shorter than is my wont. That is due to the nature of it being about the fact that I am just watching Akame Ga Kill, right now, and little else. We’ll see how that goes by the time I stop writing it. I decided to watch Akame Ga Kill on a whim recently, as I usually do with anime, and not because of a review I watched, or a recommendation I listened to, which does sometimes happens but more rarely. As I slowly grow the amount of blogs I write, and attempt to become more aware of my tastes and decisions, I realize that I have been mainly watching fantasy anime as of late. This has not always been so. I had finished Sword Art Online, and Log Horizon almost three years ago, and felt a little burnt out by the RPG, Fantasy, Isekai genre in general. Since then I have remained in the realms of supernatural thrillers, mysteries, horrors, and comedy, without any further dives (SAO reference) into another fantasy world. That was until what I might term another “SAO killer” came along to put a shot in the already holey and steroid ridden arm of fantasy anime called, Re:Zero. After finishing that first 2016 season, which is useless when it comes to plot conclusion or emotional closure, (at least for me) I craved even more of this Fantasy genre, this thing which I did not know I had been starving for. That is when I actively began searching out more anime like Re:Zero, and ran across Danmachi, and then Konosuba, and you can read my thoughts on those elsewhere on my blog site. Now, I know for certain that I am a very mystery oriented person; any Sherlock Holmes story is my favorite short story over anyone else’s, and I have watched almost every iteration of Holmes in cinema that I could, so I did enjoy myself while taking a hiatus from fantasy to focus on the more dark and mysterious side of anime between Log Horizon and Re:Zero. To be honest though, I am so much more happy analyzing and agonizing over points of logic or plot when it comes to fantasy themes than I am with mystery when it comes to anime. Maybe it is because of the supposed lack of big mystery oriented anime in the medium, I don’t know. Now I’m kind of caught up in the whirlwind of second rate but enjoyable fantasy shows, which I am thoroughly enjoying while also able to thoroughly enjoy criticizing heavily. I also watched an exorbitant amount of Fate/Zero while in this mindset, and even that show was enjoyable for me to watch, while being one of the most vacuous stories I have ever seen. This is the state of mind I am in, OK. So now, while sitting on the couch, waiting for another episode of Attack on Titan 2 to come out, I stumble across an anime that My Anime List has been recommending to me ever since I told it that I liked Mirai Nikki and Tokyo Goul, that being Akame Ga Kill. The main things which drew me to the show when I first came across it were the facts that it was a thriller type, something like Mirai Nikki, which I liked for its plot and action. I liked that it had cover art and character design which I viewed (and still do) as being incredibly interesting and beautiful according to my tastes, and yes, that it was a fantasy. (I do always get sort of excited when I see the cover art for this show, even now, and the design for Katana Wielding Akame is absolutely brilliant.) This is a show however that I had sort of unwillingly decided to avoid based on reviews alone, because almost all of these reviews had nothing but negativity with which to describe it. “It’s a harem anime, don’t be fooled by the action. It’s so bloody no normal person should be able to stomach it. The animation is so inconsistent it might as well be Fate/Stay Night,” and so on and so forth. All of these things hit home with my perspective of morality I bring to anime, which states that the reasons to not watch shows are determined by them being too sensual and fan-servicey, being too gory or violent, or having a very shallow or meaningless plot. So, I hesitantly turned a blind eye to Akame Ga Kill, believing it to be another over-hyped, over-rated crowd-pleaser show, with no depth. That is, until now, and to be honest, I still don’t know if I will like this show in the end, because I am only a few episodes in, but I can tell you right now, that two things it is not; badly animated, or shallow plot-wise. Yet again, I must stress the importance of expectations when it comes to entertainment. If I had jumped on the bandwagon of hype and marketing which surrounded it in the Summer of 2014, declaring it the apparent savior of anime, I might have been disappointed with the somewhat obvious direction which Akame Ga Kill goes in, in its first arc. But hey, that first episode, while bloody, illogical and ridiculous, was still incredibly enjoyable, strangely enough, as well as fascinating, and by the third episode, you are finding depth you never expected to find in a show of this sort. Is it a classic? Well, again, I don’t know, but I am not put off from the idea that it might be, even if it is a bit like pulp-fiction for the masses. The fact that something is flawed does not preclude it from becoming a classic. So, the titular question of is it a classic, or just some more over-hyped anime trash, is one that I hope to answer by watching, and blogging. So far, I am liking it, despite its obvious flaws, and if you care to follow along in the ride of my thoughts on the subject, I shall be posting more of those thoughts as they come, and as I watch. God Bless!


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